Upcoming Features


  • Liquidity Providers - Anyone can provide Ethernal/BNB liquidity and stake LP tokens to receive governance tokens which will enable them to place proposals on various topics, such as tax changes.

  • Holders - Holders of Ethernal tokens can also stake Ethernal to get vote tokens and gain ability to have a say on the project’s future.

  • Planned for Q4 2021.

NFT Marketplace

  • Ethernal Non-Fungible Token (NFT) generator - User can spend/burn Ethernal for project NFTs

  • Ethernal NFT Marketplace - User can buy/sell/barter NFTs using Ethernal

  • Planned for Q1 2022, more info soon!

Ethernal DEX/Swap with yield farming

  • Planned for Q2-Q3 2022, more info soon!

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