Initial Token Distribution

  • 10% - Marketing & Project Growth

    • Initial marketing efforts

    • Security audit fees (for regular security audits with known third party services)

    • Exchange listing fees (many exchanges require a listing fee and a certain amount of the token in order to list)

  • 10% - Competitions & Events

    • Initial liquidity pot rewards (2B tokens to be divided by the users who provide liquidity in Pancaswap during 1st month of launch)

    • New logo competition (1M tokens)

    • Staking events, etc

  • 4% - Early Investors

    • Project founders and primary investors

  • 76,598,500,000 ETHFIN - Public Presale

  • 31,325,000,000 ETHFIN - PINKLOCKED LP

One of our top priorities at launch will be getting the Ethernal token listed on centralized exchanges to help new users join us! If we reach our full PINKSale goal, over $100,000 USD will be dedicated to exchange listings early in the project.

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